The Advantages and Disadvantages of Voice Over Internet Protocol Telephone Service.

We know that if there are many things who are giving us the benefits they also have some disadvantages and nothing is perfect in this world even not the technology. No doubt it is one of the most attractive thing that if we get any things free of cost these days. And if we can get a calling service which is free of cost and even free so how is it possible that no one can love it.
First of all, let see some of the advantages of VoIP which are as follows:


• It is very cheap we can save money.
• You can consider integration with an already existing phone connection.
• All calls are free and having the best quality.
• With the help of VoIP personal computer to personal computer calls are totally free no matter about the distance how far it is and the charges of the personal computer to phone is nominal.
• As broadband connection will be available a vital number enables you for the unlimited calls from any place as long as you wanted to do.
• There is another advantage that you can purchase a number of your own choice that will be very cheap as well and it will be of any geographic area, you may purchase a number of any city that indicates that you are calling locally.
• As you access your email account, you may access to your VoIP account as it is easily, It will be very easy for you to call to your homes at local call rates no matter where you travel.
• You can do message and calls at the same time.

Here are some disadvantages of VoIP which are shown below:


• You may loss service during outages.
• If you don’t have power, VoIP is useless, in case there is a shortfall of electricity, so if your VoIP is not getting power so it means it is useless which is one of the biggest drawbacks.
• Traffic and latency.
• No any kind of standard protocol applicable.
• No one can trust blindly on technology as 100 % so it may cause any kind of problem at any time.
• It is extremely hard to locate the location of yours in the case of emergency calls.

No doubt that the disadvantages are very annoying, but the thing is that their effects are limited. So no doubt this new technique is changing our lives day by day. As we are living in the global village covered with technology so we should accept the disadvantages as we accept the advantages. Nothing is perfect but hopefully this new technique may change our lives and do improve its standard and overcome its disadvantages.